1. What makes smocked and hand-embroidered dresses special?

Each dress is made by hands, so it has the own story and unique expression. No dress is the same because everything we do, we leave the essence of ourselves.

2. What is your order policies?

To get all the information about our order policies, please click here

3. How do I place an order? click here

4. What is the minimum order?

+ For all kinds of clothes:

               - Minimum order quantity is 200pcs or sets

               - Minimum order per design and per color is 50pcs

               - Minimum order quantity per size is 10pcs

+ For all kinds of handmade accessories: 200pcs per order, 50pcs per design

5. How much discount will I get when placing a large order?

Yes, you will get a discount when placing a large order as following:

 -Order of 1000 – 1999 pcs or sets : 2% OFF  

- Order of 2000 – 2999 pcs or sets : 3% OFF  

- Order of 3000 – 4999 pcs or sets : 4% OFF  

-Order of 5000 pcs or sets and over : 5% OFF

6. How much does a sample cost?

- US$20 ~ $30 for one sample of smocked dress, smocked clothes, smocked two-piece set, smocked pyjamas, T-shirt, pants without smocking....

- US$40 ~$50 for one sample of bedding set, suitcase…

7. How long is the production time for wholesale order?

   + For order of 200pcs:                                    about 30 days.

   + For order of 500 – 1000pcs:                         about 35 days.

   + For order of 2,000 – 3,000pcs:                      about 40 days.

   + For the order of 3,000 - 5,000pcs:                 about 45days.

   + For the order of 5,000pcs to 10,000pcs:        about 50 days.

   + For larger order:                                          confirm later.

8. How long is the production time for a sample order?

- Sample order of 1-10 pcs: About 2 weeks after receiving payment

- Sample order of 11-20 pcs: About 2-3 weeks after receiving payment

- Sample order of 21-30 pcs: About 3-4 weeks after receiving payment

9. How long is the shipping time?

- Shipping by UPS, FEDEX : About 5 working days

- Shipping by Air: 7-10 days

- Shipping by Sea: 35-40 days

10. Do I have to confirm receiving order shipments?

Yes, you have to confirm receiving order shipments by email within 10 days from the date of delivering shipment. After 10 days without any confirm email or notice, we will assume that the shipments have already been delivered to you fully. We have no more responsible with the shipments. 

11. How can I make payment?

You can choose one of the following bank options for payment



You can choose one of the following bank options:






OnePAY represents MasterCard to provide online payment solution. All normal international cards like VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Clubs are all accepted.





Pay in US Dollars

-Beneficiary  Name  : BABEENI VIETNAM COMPANY LIMITED             

-Account Number    : 797979

-Beneficiary address: No 66 Viet Hung, Long Bien, Hanoi 71000, Vietnam

-Intermediary Bank : WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A, NEW YORK, US

-SWIFT/Urban Code             : PNBPUS3NNYC

-Bank address: 375 Park Avenue, New York, NY10152, USA


-SWIFT Code       : SEAVVNVX

-Bank address: 339 Nguyen Van Cu Street, Long Bien dist., Ha Noi 10000, Vietnam 




Pay in US Dollars

You can transfer to our company bank account as follows:

- Beneficiary name: BABEENI CO., LTD

- Account Number: 054 137 023 8679

- Swift code/urban code: BFTV VNVX

- Bank name: Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam

- Bank Address: 198 Tran Quang Khai, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

- Beneficiary address: No 66 Viet Hung, Long Bien, Hanoi 10000, Vietnam


Pay in GBP

- Beneficiary name: BABEENI Co., Ltd                                 

- Account Number:  054 1350 223 822

- Swift code/urban code: BFTV VNVX

- Bank name: Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam

- Bank Address: 198 Tran Quang Khai, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

- Beneficiary address: No 66 Viet Hung, Long Bien, Hanoi 10000, Vietnam

Notice for the customer in USA: When you receive the shipment, you will have to pay about 7% - 10% for import tax and duties (this cost is depended on Each State policies) 

Apply for order value over $800 (include products cost + shipping cost)

12. Do I have any benefit for fast payment?

- Yes, you will get the “Fast Pay Bonus” if you make payment within 3 working days when placing order. It is 1% deduction to the total value of the products. This policy is applied for wholesales order.

For example:

- If you place an order with value of USD 10,000 on April 2nd. You will get Bonus of USD 100 by completing your payment before April 5th.

13. Can I use my own label/tag, care label for dresses?

- Yes, we can add your own label to the products that you order

 + Label cost:  $250 for 5000 woven labels/tags, $250 for 5000 hang-tags

+ Care label cost: $150 for 5000pcs

14. Can I use my own designs and how do I apply it?

Yes, you can use your own design. Minimum quantity for your own design is 50pcs per design:

   - If you already have got the images of your own designs, please send to us, we will make them for you.

 -   If you only have got ideas of your custom designs without images, our designers will help you create the images of them for your reference before production.

15. Do I need to pay for making pictures of my own design?

Yes, you need to pay $2 per picture as designing service charge

We sell 3 packs of designing service:

Pack 20: pay $20 for 10 pictures

Pack 50: pay $50 for 30 pictures

Pack 100: pay $100 for 70 pictures

Designing time: 1-3 working day after  you paid

Note: you will get free pictures after you place 3000pcs of wholesale order

16. Do I need to pay for your Sample Fabric and Custom 4.0 Printing Fabric design service?

The Sample fabric and Custom 4.0 Printing Fabric design service price is $50 each fabric

17. Do I need to pay for your products pictures without watermark?

Yes, to get pictures without watermark, you need to pay $2 per picture. We sell 3 packs of photo without watermark:

* Pack 20: pay $20 for 10 pictures.

* Pack 50: pay $50 for 30 pictures.

* Pack 100: pay $100 for 70 pictures.

18. What is the price term?

- FOB price, Hanoi (this price does not include shipping cost.)

19. What is the payment term?

- For orders below $5,000: please pay in advance

- For orders over $5,000: Please pay a deposit of 50% of the whole order value before production time and T/T no later than 5 days before shipment.

NOTE: The deposit that has been made will be non-refundable (this deposit is used to reserve for your order and pay for labor and material charges during the process of production)

20. Where can I find your size guide?

- To see all our size guides:

  1. Woman size chart
  2. Baby products size chart
  3. Men size chart

21. How can I choose fabric colours?

Please choose our all fabric colours at this link: click here

22. When I place an order, do I have to pay any import taxes, duties and any other charges?

It depends on your government policy.

In our experience:

In USA ( depend on your state policy)

-       Your order under 800 USD free tax

-       Your order above 800 USD you may need to pay 7- 10% as imported taxes/duties when you receive the shipment

In UK:

-       Size produce under 18 months free tax

-       Size produce 24 months to 5T : 12% Import Tax

-       Size produce 6T above : 33% Import Tax

23. How are these clothes packed?

Our products are packed in 3 steps:

Step 1: After being ironed, each item will be folded and put individually into a plastic bag.

Step 2: We put all into a five-layer carton box sized 50 x 50 x 50 cm. This kind of carton sized box can contain about 150 normal dresses or sets (depending on the size of each product)

Step 3: After putting all the items into the box, we cover it with plastic and put the stamp of the sender and receiver's addresses on.

24. How are products shipped?

Depending on each order, we will suggest you how to ship products. For example:

* An order of 50-200 kg should be shipped by UPS.

* An order of more than 200 kg should be shipped by sea. For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us throughout the process of placing an order.

25. What is your production capacity?

- Blank clothing: over 1,800,000 pieces or sets/ year.

- Applique clothes: over 1,200,000 pieces or sets/ year.

- Hand smocked clothes: over 1,000,000 pieces or sets/year

- Handmade smocked accessories: about 200,000 pieces or sets/year Note: estimate capacity of 2019

26. How long have you been manufacturing and exporting smocked clothes for children?

We have been manufacturing and exporting children clothing since 2007.

27. Do I get a discount under MOQ or policy?

No discount will be applied in these following cases: - When you order less than 200 pc